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Car Service & Repairs

Beemer Motor Workshop


Car Servicing Bay at Swan Auto

Swan Auto is not just a parts supplier they regularly service all makes of cars in our Beemer / EUROJAP Motor Workshop.

Beemer Motor Workshop is owned by Swan Auto is a licensed repairer and we have a fully equipped workshop with a qualified mechanic on duty. We can service all makes and models of car specialising in all Subaru and European Vehicles. We are well known for being an honest and reliable repairer that will do the right thing by you and your vehicle. Swan Auto can do a comprehensive diagnosis on your vehicle factoring in the age, condition and budget of each individual customer. Everyone has different needs and we offer you with a range of options to suit your needs. To keep repair cost to a minimum, we will recommend using one of our used engines or gearboxes. Each of our engines and gearboxes are fully tested and are all in good working condition. Whatever the choice might be, we will respect it and every engine or gearbox that is supplied and fitted through us has a warranty of 3 months or 5000kms. If you have further questions or would like to book service or repair please contact us using the details on our Contact Page.